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Registered: ‎05-07-2008

Help with Mali / acceleration please

I have have follow the instructions from: http://www.wiki.xilinx.com/Xilinx+MALI+driver

I got the code, applied the patches and built the module.

I have put the module on my system and am able to load the module


insmod mali.ko


dmesg shows ...


[ 4262.518847] Mali<2>:
[ 4262.518856] Inserting Mali v900 device driver.
[ 4262.518858] Mali<2>:
[ 4262.518860] Compiled: Oct 11 2017, time: 09:48:47.
[ 4262.518861] Mali<2>:
[ 4262.518863] Driver revision: r7p0-00rel1
[ 4262.518863] Mali<2>:
[ 4262.518865] mali_module_init() registering driver
[ 4262.519005] Mali:
[ 4262.519006] Mali device driver loaded


However when I run my desktop (xfce4) I see no improvement. My crude test is to grab a window and move it around quickly. It lags quite a bit. I'm sure I'm missing a lot. Any help would be appreciated.


My system: custom board running Xilinx kernel 4.9 with xfce-desktop installed from the command line



Side note: I managed to put a rootfs from Xilinx on and the same crude test had the window following the mouse just fine. Same kernel Image and boot.bin used in both cases






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