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Registered: ‎03-09-2017

How to configure device drivers for SFP at 10 G for ZC706 board on petalinux?

I have my Vivado design for zc706 board with SFP included in my design for configuring PL ethernet using 10G Ethernet Subsystem.

Following the

link successfully generated bitstream and exported the hardware and created a petalinux project based on the hdf generated.


Now in kernel configuration I have enabled PHY Device support and infrastructure and Drivers for xilinx PHY and disabled Xilinx AXI DMA engine support inorder to use ethernet on SFP following PL ethernet in


But now how can i include my SFP into device tree? What has to be included in the system-user.dtsi file for including my SFP when booting linux on ZC706?






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