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Registered: ‎02-08-2019

How to incorporate an existing Yocto Project layer into a PetaLinux project?

Hoping I already know the answer to this, but a colleague asked how he could incorporate an *existing* Yocto Project-compatible layer into a new PetaLinux (2019.2) project. He was already aware that PL is hard-coded(?) to use a structure that includes the "meta-user" layer as a starting point, and wanted to know how to extend that with his existing "meta-vendor" layer.

My immediate answer (which I hope is correct) was to leave the initial PL meta-user layer alone, and simply add another user layer to his project via "petalinux-config"/"user layers". I haven't done this myself, but it seemed like the obvious solution, as long as all project customization could properly be represented with that "meta-vendor" layer.

Is this the proper solution? Are there any gotchas that I'm not seeing?


P.S. Now that I think about it, would this approach not be the right one to take even if you're just starting to design a new layer for a target? That is, "petalinux-create" a new project, then immediately add a user layer to keep target-specific content separate from the PetaLinux content?

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