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Visitor rolf_kary
Registered: ‎09-24-2014

Import of Vivado 2014 HDF-file (TE0720) into a Petalinux zynq Projekt does not work correct.


I try to create a Linux Image with an imported HDF-File for TE0720-02 from Vivado 2014.2.

So I created a PetaLinux project with template "zynq" and importet the hdf file with "petalinux-config --get-hw-description" from the Vivado design.
I also copied the ps7_init.h/c files into the FSBL build folder of the petalinux project component "bootloader".

The files created by the import into the Petalinux folder ./subsystem/linux/hw-description are different from the files generated by vivado:

- ps7_init.h, ps7_init.c, top.bit...

The definitions for the hardware- access seem to be different.

The created image.ub file boots with the Boot.bin from the downloaded Trenz Bsp for this board and runs properly.

So I also created a Boot.bin using the created bit-file, fsbl.elf and u-boot.elf.

The first state bootloader starts the second state bootloader u-boot.

U-boot can load the image.ub file from sd-card or via network. The boot loader seem to work fine except starting the linux kernel. The last console output is: "Starting kernel ..."

Did I forget something in the build process, or did something wrong?

I further tried to locate the error, so i copied the ps7_init.c from the downloaded Trenz-BSP of TE0720-02 into the FSBL build folder and rebuilt all Linux image files and the Boot.bin.
This time the same image.ub was booting properly and linux was functional except the hardware access to the FPGA components. The settings in the ps7_init.c are necessary when we want to use the FPGA design.

Is there something wrong or missing in the settings in the vivado project?
The vivado design runs properly as stand-alone-project.

kind regards
Rolf Kary-Ehlers

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎09-10-2008

Re: Import of Vivado 2014 HDF-file (TE0720) into a Petalinux zynq Projekt does not work correct.

Hi Rolf,


You should not need to copy ps7 files manually into the FSBL as it does that for you. Now there is a bug that's being fixed where it doesn't do that correctly if you update a h/w project after it's already been configured (I have heard).


Some things in the message don't agree with what I'm proposing below, but this is where I'd start anyway.


I'm guessing that when you get "Starting kernel ..." without the kernel booting the kernel may be trying to access some hardware in the PL that it can't get to.  I would make sure that "early_printk" is on the kernel command line as it may show where it's booting to and then hanging.


Another way to go about this is to reduce the device tree by commenting out nodes to get it to boot.




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