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Registered: ‎03-28-2018

Interactin with PMU from linux on A53


currently i want to control (poweroff/poweron) single power-nodes using the kernels pm_debug_fs.

1.    Releasing nodes by requesting PMU via "node_release" and "node_request" functions


First i tried it like this for USB0:



echo "get_node_status 22" > power

The result is



[ 1507.449980] 	NodeId: 22
[ 1507.449980] 	Status: 2
[ 1507.449980] 	Requirements: 1
[ 1507.449980] 	Usage: 1

Which seems fine. After issuing a "release_node" state changes to




[ 1665.405977] GET_NODE_STATUS:
[ 1665.405977] 	NodeId: 22
[ 1665.405977] 	Status: 2
[ 1665.405977] 	Requirements: 0
[ 1665.405977] 	Usage: 0



Status 2 means afaik, that PMU did not powerdown the power-island, which was the intention.


2.  Reading node's state by requesting PMU via "mmio_read" and "mmio_write" functions


Result is:


echo: write error: Permission denied


3.  Requesting PMU_LOCAL register reads via PMU

echo "mmio_read 0xffd60060" > power

Result is:


echo: write error: Permission denied


So basically i think PMU is configured wrong. Especially because i am not allowed to deal with Power-islands. But how should i configure it correct?

Our Workflow is

Vivado -> export hdf -> put hdf in yocto -> Image with BOOT.bin


As far as i know PMU-Firmware has a PM-Module and is stored in FSBL.

According to

a PM-Configuration Object exists and gives some hints. But just by looking at FSBL Sources it's hard to figure out, what is wrong about that config.


Can you please give me a hint what i am missing?

Kind regards


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