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Registered: ‎05-18-2014

LX9 Avnet and DS18B20 driver not working

I have installed uClinux with microblaze 3.14.0 kernel in the Avnet LX9 microboard. I am using DS18B20 1-wire temperature sensor from Maxim and trying to communicate through a IP-Core xps-gpio. Following Maxim datasheet recommendations I have established the next UCF configuration for the data pin of DS18B20.
# 1-wire interface.
# External pull-up is 680 Ohms requiring approximately 5mA to drive the line Low.
NET axi_gpio_0_GPIO_IO_pin[0] LOC = "E18" | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33 | SLEW = SLOW | DRIVE = 8; 

In the kernel configuration I have added the driver for "1-wire Bus Masters -> GPIO 1-wire busmaster" and "1-wire Slaves -> Thermal family implementation”. During the kernel loading I also read
"Driver for 1-wire Dallas network protocol" indicating that the driver has been loaded.
The DS18B20 driver scans the 1-wire bus every 10 seconds for new hardware connected to the bus and adds a new directory for each new device in the directory “/sys/bus/w1/devices/w1 bus master”. The problem is that i can not find the device under the last directory. I tried the same process under the Zedboard and I detected the sensor without problems. I think is because the arm of Zynq has an external GPIO that allows the driver to detect the sensor. 

Any suggestion to make the driver working under the LX9 microboard?

Thanks for your time and best regards,


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