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Newbie tdavide
Registered: ‎08-16-2011

Linux 2.6.37 and DP83640 - Error Probing PHY



I'm using a SP605 Development Board with the ISMNET FMC card and I need to use the two Ethernet ports that the mezzanine offers. I started with the reference design (Little endian) I found for this board and I made Linux 2.6.37, taken from the Xilinx Git, work on this system.

To use the Ethernet ports on the FMC card I reconfigured the axi_ethernet IP to link it to the DP83640 PHY chip used on this card instead that the Marvell M88E1111 present on the SP605 board (the interface is now MII instead of GMII and the PHY addr is different). Successively I cahnged the .ucf file to redirect the I/Os towards the FMC card, recompiled the design, updated the Device Tree .dts file, and recompiled the OS.

The problem now is that when I boot the system I can see that there is an error probing the PHY on the MDIO bus, and if I try to execute the ifconfig command, for example, an "Device not found" error message appears.

I don't know if I messed up something modifyiing the hardware, if modified in the wrong way the .dts file,  or if I missed something in the Linux configuration.

What driver should I use for this PHY? I've seen that a SP83640 driver is present in the new Linux 3.0 but I don't need the support for the IEEE 1588 timestamping, so I was hoping that a generic driver could do the work. Is it possible?

In the "compatible" option in the .dts file what driver should I specify?


Thank you very much in advance



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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎07-29-2011

Re: Linux 2.6.37 and DP83640 - Error Probing PHY

Hi, Sorry for the late reply, If you are not using the marvell chip , then you will need the driver for your chip.Also further you need to ensure that the driver of your chip is integrated and linked to the kernel along with the required hardware changes. I am not aware of any generic chip driver as such.

sorry, could not help much on this




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