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Visitor saadsaud123
Registered: ‎12-25-2014

Linux Boot problem on virtex 6 based warp v3 board



I am using xilinx virtex6 (XC6VLX240T-2FFG1156C) based warp v3 and i want to boot linux from sd card.




After fpga configuration, there would be two microblaze  processors, one have xps_spi core to interface sd card and linux takes root file system from there. one partition of same sd card will hold fpga configuration to initialize mb processor.


I can now download fpga configuration from xmd or sdcard && download simpleimage or u-boot + simpleimage + dtb from xmd to boot linux (both ways with or without uboot are working fine, i am able to run linux on the board).




I want a mechanism such that, after fpga configuration i don't need to use xmd or any debugger to boot linux. I cant initialize block ram from simpleimage or u-boot as they are large in size.  I can't use system ACE because there is no system ace chip inbetween fpga and sd slot. between fpga and sdslot there is only a cpld which can be used to download configuration and interface sd slot and spi flash. 


In short I want a solution that I have simpleimage, system.bit and rootfs in sd card.. can simpleimage and system.bit combine in some say to form download.bit which do fpga configuration and boot kernel afterwards. 


Is there any support available or do i need to write a baremetal program which initialize ram and xps_spi and take data from there and put it in ram and then boot.. 


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