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Registered: ‎10-19-2009

Microblaze and Linux - where to begin?

I am interested in learning about how to build linux-based systems (kernels and applications for it) on (Spartan) Microblaze. And I recently discovered

Can somebody please point me to a basic tutorial on how to begin learning about linux kernels for Microblaze and how to quickly build a basic system. Also, I have a Spartan 3A DSP 3400A and I'd like to know if it can be used for this kind of stuff.

The website allows you to download, via git, lots of stuff but does not really tell me (I think) what to do with it ;)

Thank you in advance
PS: is the PetaLinux solution for this not free anymore? From their website seems quite hard to find out how to download the tools.

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I personally believe that provides you a very complete set of information regarding compiling and bringing up the linux kernel on your board.


You should be patient and stuty each part carefully, the descriptions are some times very brief, so you should be carefull to perform every required step correctly.


PetaLinux is really another great starting point, I think you can have access to the latest version through some kind of university program. ( if you are a student )


In addition, you may like to have a look at Michal Simek's web site:

this web site also provides a complete set of information regarding linux on microblaze.


i believe the mixture of xilinx wikidot and Michal Simek's web site can provide you with every required information.


please note, these web sites give you a step by step guide for bringing up the kernel on your target, they do not talk about internals. they talk about how you should do it, but they do not describe clearly Why you should do it.


you may like to have a look at some Linux internals books, such as, Understanding the Linux kernel,

or Linux device drivers, or ...

good Luck


Mohammad Sadegh Sadri


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Registered: ‎10-19-2009

Dear Mohammad,

thank you very much for your valuable suggestion. Very much appreciated.

Best regards,

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