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Registered: ‎10-08-2016

Missing Links in Petalinux 2016.4

My build system under Petalinux 2015.4 included a "libs" module with a Makefile that copied a library file, preserving the links:


cp -RP <source-path>/lib*.so* <destdir>


With that operation, when I booted my target Zedboard, I could look in /usr/lib and see proper links like: -->


Now, with Petalinux 2016.4 I can't replicate that behavior.  I have the same line in the .bb recipe, and only the versioned file gets copied, not the symlink.  I've worked around this issue by putting in my system startup Bash script a loop to reinstated the links, but that has "kludge" written all over it.


What is the "best" way to preserve those links?

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