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Registered: ‎08-28-2010

Mouse problem in xilinx linux



In a virtex-4 fx PPC405 system, there are many peripherals, including an xps_ps2 core with 2 ports for mouse and keyboard. Xilinx linux boots on the system. The problem is that although the keyboard works very fine in the system, the mouse has problems. Mouse movements are not continuous, and it jumps all the time. Also the driver throws out 2 kind of errors:

 - with a high rate, overrun errors are reported (meaning that the RX_OVF flag has been raised.)

- every now and then it gives errors like this: "pmouse.c Explorer mouse at xilinxps2/serio at 86A00000/inp lost synchronization, throwing 2 bytes away".


It seems like that the system can't process mouse interrupts as fast enough. I have tried to take the interrupt priority as high as possible, but I didn't give it  the highest priority, as networking speed is essential in our application.


Has anyone encountered this problem before? How could i overcome it?


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