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Registered: ‎11-27-2010

Multiple issues with the petalinux 2019.1

HI Team@Xilinx,

zcu102 board related hdf file 

ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS  based vivado 2019.1 + petalinux 2019.1


     [1] system-user.dtsi not included in build: - 

[a] I have certain dts changes. i included them immediately right after petalinux-config of Uboot and Linux code source paths.

[b] after first time, petalinux-build, i included the dts changes [Even this post does not help]

[c] i did petalinux -c [device-tree, rootfs, kernel] -x [ mrproper, cleansstate, cleanall, distclean], i injected errors in dts and never was dts included.

what is the correct way to get system-user.dtsi included in the build?


[1] the directory of all intermediate <project-root>/plnx_workspace/device-tree/device-tree/ dts files is not generated.

i had to use system.dtb and do reverse compilation from dtb to dts and understand final dts changes.

what do i need to do get the intermediate files generated?


[1] for some reason, the image.ub is always at ~178 MBytes and this image fails with jtag based boot. 

if i try to meddle with initramfs settings in petalinux-config -c kernel and multiple petalinux-build -x mrproper, the image.ub size comes down to around 39MBYtes and this boot via jtag.

how can i get the image.ub to ~39MBytes?


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