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Registered: ‎06-13-2018

Net-SNMP Kernel and project Zync UltraScale 2017.1

Xilinx SDK Version 2017.1

Zync Ultascale Arm Cortex A9 quad core.


Hello again, I am trying to correctly compile the kernel and include the net-snmp library within my project in Xilinx 2017.1 SDK and  Petalinux 2017.1. I have done the following thus far:



1. Within the application bit bake file (after creating an application) I've included:  DEPENDS += " net-snmp"


2. Called petalinux-config -c kernel and petalinux-config -c rootfs to ensure net-snmp checkboxes are checked. 


3. Performed petalinux-build


4. Copied developer net-snmp library files into my project and included the appropriate directory location


5. Within my 2017.1 project included library (within C++ -> settings-> library) -lnetsnmp and -lnetsnmpagent


6. Compiled the project and I am still left with linker errors (unknown reference to all of the net-snmp methods used). In addition, I get errors stating that it cannot find -lnetsnmp and -lnetsnmpagent (so it must not know where to look, but I'm unsure of where to point it to instead)




Note: If I compile this as a Linux application (which I believe points to my OS net-snmp installation) instead of ARM embedded  it works fine and it recognizes the library.

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