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Visitor jimg2
Registered: ‎06-13-2018

Not able to add USB device driver to the linux kernel for ZC702 eval board


I use Petalinux v2018.2 to build the Linux kernel. I am not able to add USB device driver to the Linux kernel for the ZC702 eval board. As a result, the USB enumeration did not work even when a USB device (mouse or keyboard) is connected to the board.  However the pre-build Linux boot image works in the ZC702 board in terms of USB enumeration, which means the ZC702 board is fine.

As I found that in the step of "petalinux-config -c kernel",  although I selected ChipIdea ULPI PHY support , I am not able to find this setting in the file of "plnx-kernel.cfg"  

My question is:

Can you please confirm the "plnx_kernel.cfg" is the right file ? if it is the right file, why I am not to find the setting in the file (I believe the setting is saved).

if it is not the right file, then please advise where is the configuration file which includes all the kernel configuration settings.













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