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Registered: ‎11-27-2010

OCM, APU, RPU, XMPU, cache coherency, isolation

Hi Xilinx Team,

                       i have following questions related to ocm


infrastructure: - vivado 2017.1, zcu102 board


1. without enabling isolation in vivado advanced mode, OCM's 192k is still available as shared region between APU and RPU?

2. i am not interested in openamp for latency related reason, i want to pursue my own APU<->RPU subsystem communication,

in this regard, 

     [2a] how to access OCM's shared memory from APU linux.

     [2b] By placing variables/datastructures in ocm section in linker file, RPU can access the OCM?

3. because of XMPU, the mutual exclusion access [by both APU and RPU] to OCM is guaranteed?

     [3a] In other words, no need for use to worry about access control

4. Access to OCM is cache coherent [both in APU and RPU]?

    [4a]  is user expected to take care of anything w.r.t to access in baremetal code in RPU and also in SMP linux run on APU?

5. Any other boundary alignment requirements are needed. I plan to use 16 byte alignment?



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