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Visitor swordfishman
Registered: ‎05-29-2013

PL to PS interrupts fail to fire

I have a custom kernel module that is configured to read a particular IRQ when driven by PL via the F2P.  I can fire this interrupt by manually setting the status pending bit (register 0xf8f0120[4,8] but I never see an interrupt from fabric (PL).  A core has convinced me that the F2P line is being set and I believe it is being routed to the GIC.


I am concerned that there is something I am missing WRT the GIC configuration.  The environment is rather clug-ie in that this is targeting a DRS Picoflexor that requires my firmware engineer to build his project in ISE14.1 and then integrate the subsequent netlist into an Eclipse based nightmare written by IVEIA to generate a bit.


In order to reduce the scope of the investigation I moved my design to a ZC706 (zynq 7045) where I have confirmed the same issue.  I have done this previously in a planAhead project with success but the new project is written in Vivado and doesn't show the IRQ mapping the way I am have previously expernienced in XPS.


I have experimented with IRQs 91:84 and 67:60.  


I would most like to know of a register I can peek in the GIC to confirm that the F2P is actually being routed.


Any ideas on how to proceed are appreciated.

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Visitor swordfishman
Registered: ‎05-29-2013

Re: PL to PS interrupts fail to fire

Just a follow-up.  The problem was that the IVEIA code mapped multiple wires to a single IRQ(91) which looked as though they were only using a single IRQ but were infact using 5.  As such our additions to the F2P BUS were offset by 4 bits from where it appeared that they should be.


The good news is we now have interrupts operating.



Benjamin Shaw Davis

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