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Registered: ‎02-19-2020

PLMEM replacement ZCU111 reference design

I'm struggling with getting the reference design up and running. When i copy the images to the SD card it boots and i can run the "rfdc_data_write_example" software which generates a 1300 MHz sine wave. It does so by writing the values to the memory on the PL with a DMA under "/dev/plmemx"

However, when i build the hardware project myself using the scripts provided in "rdf0476-zcu111-rf-dc-eval-tool-2019-2/pl/NON-MTSDesign_8x8/scripts" and create a linux image with "petalinux-config --get-hw-description <path/to/build/nonmts.xsa" the PLMEM devices (which are the DAC FIFO's i think) do not exist under "/sys/class" and/or "/dev" 

So my question is how to fill the DAC FIFO's with the data i need, where should they be located in linux or what drivers do i need to enable in petalinux.


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