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Registered: ‎08-31-2017

PYNQ doesn't support the ARM Mali-400 GPU, how to fix?


We're using PYNQ on ZCU-104 since we need to use HLS for HW development and the MPSoC for software running on the embedded Linux. However, although the ZCU-104 supports ARM Mali-400 GPU HW, the PYNQ doesn't support it. We need to use the GPU HW to accelerate the GUI software for the demo.

Thus, would you please suggest or guide how to fix the issue? Such as is it possible to include the ARM Mali-4f00 GPU in the PYNQ source code and re-build the image? Or are there any ready-to-use embedded Linux image can support ZCU-104 and the ARM Mali GPU? etc?  If yes, what tools/documentation should I use since I'm new to the building of embedded Linux for FPGA from scratch since I'm a hardware engineer?

Thank you very much.

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