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Registered: ‎03-13-2019

Performance of petalinux on ARM vs microblaze


I want to know the performance of petalinux on ARM and microblaze in terms of application execution and data handling (MIPS)

Initially I was creating petalinux images for zcu102 board which has Quad core A53 processors and my applications were running on top of that. 

Now I am thinking to move for kintex boards which don't have inbuilt hard processors. So I have to use microblaze for my applications.

I still want to use petalinux because the driver handling will be easier and now my concern is whether petalinux will decrease performance of microblaze processor?

Can we use petalinux for microblaze?

Please any suggest me.

Thank you


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Registered: ‎07-23-2019


Yes, you can run Petalinux on microblaze.

About comparing... you can build thousands of petalinuxes with different configurations. Also, you can have hundreds of Microblazes depending on how do you configure them, not to say their performance will also depend on whether they run on Artix -1 or Virtex -3. There are as well many types of "ARM" processors. So your question is kind of "are Asians more clever than Europeans?" - close to nonsense, isn't it? Also, there are many ways to measure performance. What exactly is "performance"?.

In general, Petalinux will perform better on an ARM processor than in any Microblaze. But there is the possibility that the crappiest ARM core (I'm thinking of a soft IP) will be worse than a full-fledged microblaze.


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