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Petalinux 2017.2 GIT versioned and relocatable flow

I am trying to create a reproducable petalinux project flow with 2017.2 . The petalinux project is checked into a GIT repository and one should be able to check out a clean project, update the hardware description from the latest PL bitstream build and generate BOOT.bin, rootfs.cpio and image.ub  automatically. This should happen in a somewhat flexible way, that it can be done by developers and in an automated build environment. This seemed to me the most natural way to use petalinux, but apparently this is not the intended usage scenario. 


The project-spec/configs/config file contains absolute paths, that don't allow relocation. And according to and ( @trenz-al ) these paths needs to be patched by rewriting the config file on the fly. Is this correct? Why is there no ${PLNX_PROJ_ROOT} variable which allows me to specify relative paths?


Also in addition to the problem i have described in build of the FSBL is not reliable. The only solution seems to be to not put the components/plnx_workspace directory in the repository in the first place and let it recreate every time. This poses the question why it is not in the gitignore in the first place?

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