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Registered: ‎04-18-2017

Petalinux 2018.1 and including device driver in project


For an upcoming system, we are using ZC702 which is connected to various peripherals like I2C, SPI, display outpout and a set of buttons for HMI. Right now, we are developing application software using petalinux. We have created an application using petalinux-create -t apps -n gpiocode and the base project compiles showing project creation is successful. From linux drivers wiki, identified the source code location as <plnx project directory>/build/tmp/work-shared/zc702-zynq7/kernel-source/drivers/gpio  and even include folder location was identified. But we couldn't find any document which shows how to use these in our application code. It would be great if someone can help us in how to proceed.

1) Can these api's be invoked straight in our application code? It didn't work as of now (Is this the correct methodology)

2) Should we include these device driver files in some other way?

3) Is there any document or link which tells how to proceed with the same.

4) we have to configure our peripherals as well as include the v4l2 driver in our application.It would be great if someone can guide us on the same.


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