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Registered: ‎11-15-2019

Petalinux Character driver to manage memory mapped device external to BD

I would like to create a Petalinux character driver to manage a piece of custom IP.  Inside the block design of my project the AXI port of the MPSoC  is connected to an axi interconnect block. The axi interconnect block carves out the address space and makes the signals associated with each region external to the design. Naturally when the petalinux configuration is complete, I do not see any devices in the device tree assigned to that range. Is it possible to add an entry to the device tree so that the device associated with that range can be managed by a kernel module.

I realize there might be other ways of doing this. A uio driver or perhaps importing the custom IP into the block design. But before I explore those options I would like to understand if what I want to do can be done with the design as-is.



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