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Visitor lediode
Registered: ‎08-09-2018

Petalinux device tree, pl.dtsi


  Currently, I am attempting to implement a custom axi interface IP that is connected to the axi peripheral IP's master axi port. I want to access this IP via the UIO device tree, so I configured the IP to have axi interrupt ports along with the axi lite ports. The following shows the relevant part of my hardware design.whereiscustomip.png


 I generated a bitsream successfully and parsed it into an HDF file. The file was then used in the 'build' procedure of Petalinux. However, after build finished successfully, when I opened up the pl.dtsi file in the component/.../device tree/ directory, I could not find anything related to my custom IP axi_ps_to_pl, not even a single line of codes. I then opened up the project configuration user interface through petalinux-config -c kernel, and checked the device drivers and userspace i/o pages. Nothing worked...... I would definitely want to know what I have missed out or what I should do next. Could anybody help me out? 

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