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Registered: ‎09-18-2009

Petalinux v12.12, auto-config.h missing


I am trying to bring up a custom fpga board with Petalinux.
- Petalinux version : 12.12
- Xilinx version : 14.4
- Fpga : Spartan 6 LX45 (microblaze cpu, axi bus)

I am using Petalinux "Board Bringup Guide (v12.12)" as a reference.
Exporting hardware design to SDK is done but I have trouble with SDK steps.

Hardware project contains:
- DDR3_SDRAM controller
- axi_timer
- SPI core (for spi flash)

In the SDK, I added "edk_user_repository" to Repositories.

When I add Xilinx C project with Petalinux FS-BOOT example, I get the following error.

"fatal error: auto-config.h: No such file or directory"

Do you suggest anything?


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Registered: ‎02-27-2013

Re: Petalinux v12.12, auto-config.h missing

I have the  problem, too.Besides, en extra error came up like attachment.

So, i ,make a commenet in  [fs-boot.c] // #include <xenv_standalone.h>

Clearly, I do a small change in ffs-boot.c , while in fs-boot.h burst out an error messges wihck seem like to  yours.  


Somebody know this solution?




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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎12-17-2007

Re: Petalinux v12.12, auto-config.h missing

I recently authored Answer Record 54896 to cover this. It is not public yet but should be soon. Here's the text of the AR to get you started.
This error is occuring because SDK is not automatically configuring the application to use a PetaLinux-based BSP. The PetaLinux BSP provides knowledge to the application about PetaLinux-specific details of the system.
The easiest way to get started rectifying this scenario is to delete the existing instance of FS-Boot (and its existing BSP) since it is not compiling anyway. Make sure to check the box to delete the files on disk.
Next, use File->New->Application Project as is normal for the new application flow. On the first panel of the Application Project wizard, change the OS platform to "petalinux" for FS-Boot instead of the default value of standalone. This change brings in things like the auto-config.h (as well as some other resources).

Once the application is created there may still see some errors about BSP options not having proper mapping to the underlying hardware. For example, there may be messages such as ERROR:EDK petalinux No timer is specified.. The message may vary depending on the mix of peripherals in the system but the resolution is the same. Open the BSP settings by right-clicking on the BSP application and choosing Board Support Package Settings and then click on petalinux under the Overview section.
In the value column, make sure to select the appropriate peripheral for the needed options in the name column. Ensure that hardware is described for the following options: stdout, stdin, main_memory, flash_memory, and timer. If Ethernet is used in the system, specify the hardware for this as well.
NOTE: this screenshot is for reference only -- the specific hardware may vary based on hardware in the user system
After the BSP is updated there may also be messages about portions of the design not fitting in their specified regions (eg, "section .stack will not fit in region"). This can be resolved by right-clicking on the fs-boot application and choosing Generate Linker Script
In the linker script GUI, look in the upper right of the GUI and make sure that Code, Data, Heap, and Stack are located in an appropriate storage medium. If using BRAM as a storage medium it may be neccessary to modify the XPS hardware definition to increase the size of the BRAM to accomodate the size of the section in question.
this space intentionally left blank
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Registered: ‎02-27-2013

Re: Petalinux v12.12, auto-config.h missing

Thanks for you reply so clearly.

Unfortunately, your images are lost.

Can you post them again? Or just mail them to me!.

Really appreciate to your help! 


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Visitor sunitakhilar
Registered: ‎06-12-2012

Re: Petalinux v12.12, auto-config.h missing

Many thanks for this information.

At present I am using petalinux-v12.12. I followed all the mentioned steps and could successfully created FS_Boot project.

After this I added it's .elf file in XPS project and updated bit file. 

Then run autoconfig to generate Device tree.

Created Kernal image using make command, and loaded all image files into tftpboot server.

Loaded this kernal image to the SPI flash using command run update_kernal and run update_uboot.

But now when i restart the board, FS_boot does not start and board never boots.

I am using ATLYS board.


For your information I was able to boot board using FS_Boot in older version 2.2

Please give your expert advice...

Many thanks

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