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Registered: ‎12-04-2007

Problem about using VxWorks or Montavista Linux as operating system - "cannot find boot.o"

Actually I'm having the same error as this page:
But I don't understand the solution stated.

I'm running ISE 9.1 and XPS 9.1 in Windows XP.  I create a project with sample memory and peripheral testing applications, and having the same error.  I've tried to make the sample applications inactive, and write a simple hello world, but the error still occur.  The error is encountered when I click "Build Project" for a application, or "Generate Libraries and BSPs" on XPS menu.  It occurs for buth VxWorks or MontaVista Linux.

For example, if I try to "Build Project" for hello world, here is the output message:

I don't understand the solution suggested in #17462.  What source files should not be included?  In what stage that "only LibGen should be run", and how to do that?

Actually, what should be the library generation and application compilation flow when using VxWorks or MontaVista Linux?  Or are there some other libraries we must purchase when using these operating systems?

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-15-2007

Re: Problem about using VxWorks or Montavista Linux as operating system - "cannot find boot.o

If you select VxWorks as MVL as the OS you will only generate the BSP in EDK.  You will not build the kernel or elf file in EDK.  You will build the kernel in the 3rd parties Platform.  If you are trying to do a simple hello world example, change the OS to standalone and you will be able to build the elf file.
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Registered: ‎09-18-2008

Re: Problem about using VxWorks/Linux "cannot find boot.o"

I'm a newbie who experienced the same issue.

I foud out that you need to use the ELDK package for building Linux executable. The Xilinx EDK cross-compiler can not be used to build Linux ELF.

Try Googling it..

Alternatively, you can build your own crosscompiler using the "crosstools".  Or, you can give many $$$ to license the third party tool chain.

Good luck.

- Steve

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