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Registered: ‎08-07-2009

QEMU microblaze serial device issue

I'm attempting to use QEMU with microblaze, but it just prints an error about the serial device and quits. Anyone have suggestions as to what this means and how to fix it?

qemu-system-microblazeel -M microblaze-fdt-plnx -m 128 -serial mon:stdio -device loader,file=/opt/Xilinx/SDK/2016.4/data/embeddedsw/lib/microblaze/mb_bootloop_le.elf -gdb tcp::1137 -dtb ./repo/my_dt/my_dts/system.dtb -display none

qemu-system-microblazeel: Can't create serial device, empty char device


If I just run qemu-system-microblazeel by itself, I get:
VNC server running on ';5900'
qemu: fatal: fetching nop sequence

IN: PC=0
rmsr=0 resr=0 rear=0 debug=0 imm=0 iflags=0 fsr=0
btaken=0 btarget=0 mode=kernel(saved=kernel) eip=0 ie=0
r00=00000000 r01=00000000 r02=00000000 r03=00000000
r04=00000000 r05=00000000 r06=00000000 r07=00000000
r08=00000000 r09=00000000 r10=00000000 r11=00000000
r12=00000000 r13=00000000 r14=00000000 r15=00000000
r16=00000000 r17=00000000 r18=00000000 r19=00000000
r20=00000000 r21=00000000 r22=00000000 r23=00000000
r24=00000000 r25=00000000 r26=00000000 r27=00000000
r28=00000000 r29=00000000 r30=00000000 r31=00000000

Aborted (core dumped)


Thank you,


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