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Registered: ‎11-26-2014

Qemu support for performance monitoring unit

Hello All,


I am using xilinx's qemu ( ) to run arm binaries targeting the Zynq chip (arm core).

I would like to know if Xilinx has added support  to emulate the Cortex-A9 performance monitoring unit in its  qemu  branch to obtain profiling information such as execution cycles in the Qemu environment.


I found a list (see below) of features supported by xilinx's qemu including a PMU, but i think in this context PMU means power management unit instead performance monitoring unit. Is there support in xilinx's qemu for the hardware performance counters?




Below is a list of Zynq UltraScale+ models that Xilinx's QEMU supports:

  • Limited PMU specific interprocessor interrupt functionality
  • PMU (Not supported in PetaLinux-Boot flow)
    • MicroBlaze
    • PMU Interrupt Controlle




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