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Registered: ‎07-16-2020

Software Update tooling recommondations for ZCU104/ZynqMP

Hello community,
I am searching for additional information regarding a software update system for the ZCU104 EvalBoard.

As stated here, so far there is no reference implemetnation provided yet from petalinux project or the meta-xilinx(-tools) yocto layer(s): 

My question for the community:
What have you tried, what can you recommend? Can you link to other additional material / further readings / board specific examples?

From a Linux point of view I would like to use a typical A/B installation schema. Yocto build support should be includeded, so the usual image based SW update tools with Yocto support come to mind (like RAUC, sbabic SWUpdate, Mender, see )

However, the update shall also be able ro replace the "other" firmware parts of the MpSoC, like PL bitstream and R5 firmware. Hence I need to exchange the Xilinx Bootgen boot.bin file in the boot partition / the QSPI flash during the SW update. A Pre/Post Installation hook seems the solution (as most of the above SW update tools provide).

Any design ideas are greatly welcome.

Thank you and cheers,

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