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Registered: ‎06-07-2018

Sourcing of Xilinx Linux Kernel for Petalinux


So I have been working with Petalinux 2018.3 since past couple of months. I have been successful with tftp and NFS. Now we want to investigate a few more things before we move onto the next stage. We have been confused with a few question :

1. How and when does Petalinux source the xilinx kernel, root file system and other essential recipes for developing a distribution?

2. Is it the same linux-kernel which is present on the XIlinx repository? 

3. If yes, who is incharge of updating it? How often is it updated?

4. If it is updated often, does every Petalinux installer download the latest kernel version or does very Petalinux installer comes download the linux kernel defined in its configuration?

5. What would one call the linux distribution generated out of this Xilinx lInux kernel ?

6. Is it possible to replace this kernel and other prerequisites with recipes, kernel and other prerequisites of another Linux distrbution ?

Questions 1-5 are extremely crucial so any assistance on that would be much appreciated .


Please help.




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