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Registered: ‎12-29-2019

Storage and Network issues on QEMU zynqMP for zcu102 BSP on petalinux OS


I created QEMU for zynqMP zcu102 bsp by using petalinux. I followed ug1169 for V2019.2 document and also UG1144 for V2019.2 document for bringing up emulator with my petalinux i have succeeded in doing by using INITRAMFS.but i want to store the files in my emulator even when i reboot my QEMU can anyone help me what is 'rootfs' i should select when i config my petalinux.I am really not getting where i am going wrong.

And also internet is also not get connecting into my emulator i tried several ways by enabling many network options while configuring petalinux and also tap network nothing seems to be working out.

kindly please, help me in solving these issues

Thanks in advance

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