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Registered: ‎10-11-2011

U-boot image not building with linux.bin

I'm building Linux targeting a Microblaze (little endian) system on a Kintex-7, using the instructions on the Xilinx Wiki.  I have CROSS_COMPILE set to microblazeel-xilinx-linux-gnu- and I've sourced the Xilinx cross-compilation toolchain by sourcing the settings64.sh script in the Xilinx tools installation directory.


According to the Build Kernel instructions (http://www.wiki.xilinx.com/Build+kernel) and the Build U-boot instructions (http://www.wiki.xilinx.com/Build+U-Boot), if the mkimage utility path is present in the build environment PATH, linux.bin.ub should be automatically built when linux.bin is built.  So, I built U-boot without any issues and added the mkimage path to the PATH variable (<u-boot-xlnx>/build/tools), then built the kernel, but only linux.bin is being built, and no linux.bin.ub.


I see the script "mkuboot.sh" in the <linux-xlnx>/scripts folder, which appears to call mkimage, but the script doesn't seem to be called (if mkimage is not present it should be printing a status message about the "mkimage" command not being found, but I don't see that in my linux build output).  What am I missing here?

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Newbie ermisp
Registered: ‎03-03-2014

Re: U-boot image not building with linux.bin



I had the same issue...all i did was to include linux.bin.ub in the command line as a target:


make ARCH=microblaze CROSS_COMPILE=micro..gnu- -J 4 linux.bin.ub


After that the script was called and the file was generated.


I am working on a similar thing at the moment, if you have any questions or nice hints don't hesitate to post and PM me as i am not always following the forums



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