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Registered: ‎12-07-2020

UG1209 Embedded Design Tutorial - PMU not loaded in boot sequence


I tried ZCU102 sample project which is included in the Chapter 5, "Boot and Configuration", UG1209 Embedded Design Tutorial (v2019.2).

When I turned ZCU102 on with the boot image, boot sequence stopped at the end of ATF, and prior to PMU FW load. The UART log is below.

Xilinx Zynq MP First Stage Boot Loader
Release 2019.2   Jan 29 2021  -  10:07:24
Reset Mode      :       System Reset
Platform: Silicon (4.0), Cluster ID 0x80000000
Running on A53-0 (64-bit) Processor, Device Name: XCZU9EG
FMC VADJ Configuration Successful
Board Configuration successful
Processor Initialization Done
================= In Stage 2 ============
SD1 with level shifter Boot Mode
SD: rc= 0
File name is BOOT.BIN
Multiboot Reg : 0x0
Image Header Table Offset 0x8C0
*****Image Header Table Details********
Boot Gen Ver: 0x1020000
No of Partitions: 0x5
Partition Header Address: 0x440
Partition Present Device: 0x0
Initialization Success
======= In Stage 3, Partition No:1 =======
UnEncrypted data Length: 0x31DE
Data word offset: 0x31DE
Total Data word length: 0x31DE
Destination Load Address: 0xFFFEA000
Execution Address: 0xFFFEA000
Data word offset: 0x10DB0
Partition Attributes: 0x17
Partition 1 Load Success
======= In Stage 3, Partition No:2 =======
UnEncrypted data Length: 0x136
Data word offset: 0x136
Total Data word length: 0x136
Destination Load Address: 0x0
Execution Address: 0x3C
Data word offset: 0x13F90
Partition Attributes: 0x71E
Initializing TCM ECC
Address 0xFFE00000, Length 40000, ECC initialized
Partition 2 Load Success
======= In Stage 3, Partition No:3 =======
UnEncrypted data Length: 0x1BAA
Data word offset: 0x1BAA
Total Data word length: 0x1BAA
Destination Load Address: 0x70000000
Execution Address: 0x0
Data word offset: 0x140D0
Partition Attributes: 0x71E
Partition 3 Load Success
======= In Stage 3, Partition No:4 =======
UnEncrypted data Length: 0x335B3
Data word offset: 0x335B3
Total Data word length: 0x335B3
Destination Load Address: 0x10080000
Execution Address: 0x10080000
Data word offset: 0x15C80
Partition Attributes: 0x14
Partition 4 Load Success
All Partitions Loaded
================= In Stage 4 ============
Protection configuration applied
CPU 0x700 reset release, Exec State 0x8, HandoffAddress: 3C
  ATF running on XCZU9EG/silicon v4/RTL5.1 at 0xfffea000
NOTICE:  BL31: Secure code at 0x0
NOTICE:  BL31: Non secure code at 0x0
NOTICE:  BL31: v2.0(release):xilinx-v2019.1-12-g713dace9
NOTICE:  BL31: Built : 04:51:40, Dec 11 2020

The boot.bin includes FSBL, PMU FW, ATF, RPU bare-metal application (testapp_r5.elf) and u-boot.

Could you tell me how to make boot sequence successful?

Thanks in advance,


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