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Newbie pourrad
Registered: ‎11-24-2009

UG258: Bluecat linux, XPS11.3

I'm trying to use ug258 that implements an embedded system with bluecat linux. UG258 is based on xilinx ISE and XPS 9.2. I'm using the current version of the tools (11.3).

When I use XPS to open the project file, it starts updating it, but can't find some of the components because they are older versions and for some of the it says that the new versions are not compatible with the older ones.


Is there any documents or recommended steps that I can follow for porting UG258 reference design into version 11.3 of the Xilinx tools?



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Registered: ‎03-17-2008

Re: UG258: Bluecat linux, XPS11.3

I presume you have already used the "ready_for_download" files and now want to build the hardware platform for yourself?


The Xilinx Platform Studio "revup"  process is known for being not so good at updating XPS projects across major releases of the Xilinx tools.  Especially in your case of updating a 9.2 era project to 11.3.  The peripheral IP is being constantly updated and in this case many of the peripheral IP versions in the original project have now been deprecated and are not recognized by the "revup" process.  The best way I know to update this old project is to, using the existing MHS file as a guide, create a new XPS project for the S3E1600 board using Base System Builder that instantiates the same peripherals.  Be careful that parameters for peripherals like the xps_uartlite, xps_timer, etc. match the old project.  Also be sure that the address map for the peripherals in the system matches the old 9.2 project.  This should build you a platform capable of booting the provided BlueCat Linux kernel image.  Good luck.

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