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Visitor dww_wlf
Registered: ‎01-24-2019

UltraZed-EG Starter Kit PL 2017.4 problem only one boot possible



I generated PL 2017.4 image based on the steps in the attached doc PL generation steps. As App was included the by the SDK generated  PS_LED trial app from AVNET. No errors no warning during the PL generation. The imgage boots with the attached log file the first time scucessfully. The LED is blinking, ifconfig shows the eth0 interface and I'm able to access the ftp server with a ftp client.

Then I shut down the system and try to reboot. Reboot works, PS_LED works (blinking LED) but the ftp server and eth0 (ifconfig no visible if) are not working. See even the aatached second log file.

Hopefully thats a bug of pl 2017.4 I used PL 2018.2 (even new brd file ..) wiht the same steps and generated with out errors or warninigs an image. That immage dont boots!

Any help please for fixing the 2017.4 bott problem and/or the pl 2018.2 problem?


Kind regards,




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