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Visitor niconorena
Registered: ‎06-27-2018

Ultrascale+ Uboot-xlnx not initialing after FSBL

using Vivado 2017.2  to generate the FSBL.elf and the using the u-boot-xlnx from github, branch 2017.2.

I am not using the petalinux tool, I am loading my own root file system.


the .bif file assigns the following config:


          [bootloader]./path to /folder/projectName.sdk/fsbl/Debug/fsbl.elf
          [pmufw_image]./path to/folder/ProjectName.sdk/firmware/Debug/firmware.elf
          [destination_cpu = a53-0]./u-boot-xlnx/u-boot.elf


The FSBL loads correctly as shown:

Xilinx Zynq MP First Stage Boot Loader

Release 2017.2 Aug 16 2018 - 17:29:19
Reset Mode : System Reset
Platform: Silicon (4.0), Cluster ID 0x80000000

Running on A53-0 (64-bit) Processor, Device Name: XCZU9EG

Board Configuration successful

Processor Initialization Done

================= In Stage 2 ============

SD1 with level shifter Boot Mode

SD: rc= 0

File name is BOOT.BIN
Multiboot Reg : 0x0

Image Header Table Offset 0x8C0

*****Image Header Table Details********

Boot Gen Ver: 0x1020000

No of Partitions: 0x2

Partition Header Address: 0x440

Partition Present Device: 0x0

Initialization Success

======= In Stage 3, Partition No:1 =======

UnEncrypted data Length: 0x3E69A

Data word offset: 0x3E69A

Total Data word length: 0x3E69A

Destination Load Address: 0x8000000

Execution Address: 0x8000000

Data word offset: 0xF590

Partition Attributes: 0x116

Partition 1 Load Success

All Partitions Loaded

================= In Stage 4 ============

PM Init Success
Protection configuration applied
Running Cpu Handoff address: 0x8000000, Exec State: 0

Exit from FSBL


It gets stock here, u-boot should print that is started loading. But I don't actually get any prints from u-boot.

Is it possible that the FSBL not finding u-boot in address 0x8000000?

I running blind here!! I was looking at the XSCT console from the SDk to try to print the values of the addresses over JTAG, not sure if this would help. 

Any ideas?

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