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Visitor bhuelsen
Registered: ‎06-22-2017

Ultrazed-EG: boot failure using rootfs on sd card (petalinux 2016.2)

Hi everyone,

currently I am approaching to boot up a petalinux with dedicated rootfs on a SD card.
I configured the petalinux project with:

Image Packaging Configuration ---> Root filesystem type = SD card

but something goes wrong at the point of mounting the root fs

The only way to bring up the system is to configure the petalinux project with:

Image Packaging Configuration ---> Root filesystem type = initramfs


The console output of both boot up scenarios are attached to this post.

As hardware setup I am using the Ultrazed-EG starter kit.
To avoid additional error sources I have used the Compressed PetaLinux BSP for Avnet Zynq system platforms as basis to create a petalinux project, without any changes. --> http://zedboard.org/support/design/17596/131
I have also considered this error:
because it seemed to be similar to my problem, but the described configuration does not work for me.

I have also tested different SD cards (SDCH 8 GB speed class 2, SDHC 32 GB speed class 10) and tested different configurations of the file system on the SD card (ext3/ ext4).

The attached console output was done with the following configuration of the SD card:

first partition: ~ 400 MB FAT 32
second partition: ~ 31 GB ext4

I deployed the rootfs.cpio on the SD card by:

sudo pax -rvf rootfs.cpio

If you have any idea to bring up the system with a rootfs on the SD card, or if you are using the same HW setup and facing a similar problem please let me know.

Best regards,


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