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Registered: ‎02-13-2016

Using Ubuntu Instead of Petalinux


I am working on a project that includes the usage of Deep Neural Network framework (eg. Cafe). The main purpose is to run the framework on the ARM core and use the Programmable Logic to accelerate the Inference process.

Since the project contains too many dependencies, besides the usage of specific hardware devices, the Petalinux is forcing too many obstacles to be handled due to its limitations. So, one solution to avoid these problems is to use other Linux distribution that provides such capabilities as close as to the one found on PC. My best candidate here is Ubuntu for ARM architecture.

So, my question is, what are going to be the cons out of using Ubuntu on Ultra 96 Board for a SoC implementation, given the implementation outlines I have already mentions (HW/SW Co-design)?
Also, is Ubuntu capable of handling the data transmission for example between the PS-PL? Is it able to recognize the PL side? How capable is Ubuntu when it comes to memory-mapped system?

What challenges do I have to expect when it comes to using Ubuntu?



Zedboard -- > Ultra 96 Board

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Registered: ‎09-28-2018

Ubuntu is your root file system and is simular in a way to Petalinux. The running kernel is a different thing. 

You can build your full Linux kernel with Petalinux and swap your root file system afterwards. So basically boot your Petalinux kernel and attach a different rootfs.

It would do nothing to the performance.   

Can you explain the Petalinux difficulties a bit more?

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