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Registered: ‎09-24-2015

Using own IP cores in xillinux 1.3 and adding serial ports on FPGA-microzed

I have a xillinux 1.3 distribution installed on my microzedboard. I have also enabled UART0 on this board. Now, I wanted to replace the xillybus lite IP core with an IP core of my own. Will the xillinux OS and all drivers continue to work with this xillybus IP core replaced with my own IP core ?


Also, since I have used up UART0 and UART1 of the microzed board, I will implement a serial port on the FPGA using the EMIO pins of the microzed board on my own IP core. I want to use this serial port to communicate with an external serial modem. Now on the xillinux OS, do I have to modify/add any drivers to detect this FPGA serial port or is there any other way of doing it ? Or will it get automatically detected as ttyS0,ttyS1, and so on ?


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