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Registered: ‎03-01-2010

Using shared libraries with microblaze and microblaze_v2.0



I have been developing code for the microblaze processor, compiling with the -static option for some time now, and it works properly.  How would I go about compiling code non statically?  If I compile without the -static option it doesn't run on my embedded system.  I assume that I need to copy some shared libraries over to my microblaze file system, but If I run ldd on it, it says, "not a dynamic executable."  Is that because I am running ldd from the PC host and not the embedded microblaze target?  Where do I find the shared libraries that I need?  How are these libraries ties to the compiler?  Can I compile new libraries like uClibc and use thoese?  How would I do that for microblaze?



Also, does anyone know what has been changed in the xldk/microblaze_v2.0 tool chain from v1.0?


Thanks for any help.


-L. Tovey

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