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Newbie cocan
Registered: ‎05-13-2008

Virtex II Pro running uClinux



    First of all, I know this is not really the place to ask questions about uClinux but I will give it a try since I use a Xilinx board.For school, I have to implement 2 modules (a ps2 module and a graphic one) so that uClinux wihen will boot on my Virtex II Pro board (using the microblaze as the processor) will use the keyboard as the stdin device and the monitor as the stdout device.So I have 2 problems:the first one is that I don't really now how to do this in Xilinx EDK and the second one is that I don't know the correct setup for the kernel to be compiled succesfully for this board.I've read a lot of stuff from uClinux-dev mailing list but nothing really helped.I've managed to boot uClinux using the reference design available on xilinx website but that's it (the stdin and the stdout on that design are both the serial port RS232).I have also the toolchain installed (cross-compiler mb-gcc) and I know the steps that I must do to get ready to compile the kernel but I don't know the correct options that I must use to get a compiled kernel (this settings depends on the way I've created my hardware design in EDK).So my question on EDK side, that I hope to be answered on this forum, is how to make the keyboard in a EDK project the stdin device and the monitor the stdout device?For the keyboard it is enough just to use the PS2_Ports (Peripheral OPB PS2 DUAL REF)?What about the stdout?I need to add a new IP to my design?


Any help will be appreciated.


Best regards,



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Re: Virtex II Pro running uClinux

I'm not sure whether you've gone though this page:


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