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Registered: ‎11-17-2017

XSDK 2018.3 and quad spi trouble (spi_nor.c)

We recently switched our nor flash part from a Micron n25q128a to a Cypress S25FL127S.   While both parts were supported by linux in 2016.4 (via the spi_nor.c interface), only the Micron now works with 2018.3.   This is probably due to something recently broken in the newer linux spi_nor.c interface.  The cypress part has trouble verifying a "flashcp" command.

We installed custom drivers from Cypress ( and the patch went in successfully.  Now *some* things work in linux (jffs2), but flashcp still broken.  

I'm guessing that the Mtd utilities must also be rebuilt/modfied?  I cannot find their source code anywhere in the build folder.   Are these mtd utilities only distributed in BINARY form from Xilinx?   Cypress also included a patch for flash_erase.c (which I cannot find either)..     How would one go about changing these petalinux commands?


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