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Registered: ‎09-18-2018

Xen Linux Dom0 and Baremetal DomU communication

Hi All,

I am pretty new to Xen and embedded environment in general, so please forgive me if I am asking something really obvious to most of you Smile.

I am trying to make Linux Dom0 and Baremetal DomU communicate (transfer payload back and forth), and I was able to run baremetal application in this tutorial by Xilinx:, and later on I learned how to passthrough devices such as GPIO and AXI_Timer.

However, I am stuck at DomU and Dom0 communication. I know if I have both DomU and Dom0 running Linux, there are some nifty Xen commands to facilitate the communication. But how about Linux Dom0 and Baremetal DomU? What are my options?


More background information:

1. I prefer to use Baremetal DomU because it is easy to port my code over and the real time performance is good enough

2. The data I need to transfer is relatively big, 20MB and the minimum speed of 3MB/s

3. The bare metal program needs to use more than 100MB of RAM to work properly
4. Board I used: ZCU104

Thanks a lot!

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