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Registered: ‎01-17-2008

Xilinx SPI 2.00.b managed through userspace



 i have been using the OPB SPI 1.00.e for a quite a while now in a kernel 2.6.24 with the Xilinx driver. The use was quite straightforward thanks to the spidev interface, everything in userspace. Now we have migrated to  and things seem to have changed. So, with the old IP core/Driver we got "spi0" device (/dev/spi0) we could read/write/ioctl but that is not longer availble. The system just doesn't register that device, neither /dev/spidev* or anything like that. Of course now we use a .dts and before we were using a BSP, so I guess things might have changed a bit. Any clue of what should I do to make the kernel register that device?


 I think this could be related to this other post : but doesn't have a clear solution as far as I see it.


 But in my case is an ADC and I want to just use it only from userspace. 


 Ideas? Thx!

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