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Registered: ‎07-13-2015

YOCTO 2019.1 ZCU102 Docker Recipe Fails

I am trying to get a minimal petalinux build going that includes Docker and Mali GPU support with a Window Manager that can support launching of GUI applications made in Qt. I have attemped 2018.3 of petalinux and followed the Docker confluence page and was able to successfully launch non GUI docker applications on the ZCU102.  When I add in Mali support I always get build errors (I will save that for a separate post). I decided to move to 2019.1 build of petalinux where it appears the MALI GPU problems go away but when I add in Docker support and build a petalinux-image-minimal build using the command: MACHINE=docker-systemd-zcu102-zynqmp bitbake petalinux-image-minimal, I continually get all the way through the build and then I receive the error:  ERROR: petalinux-image-minimal-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Postinstall scriptlits of ['docker'] have failed. If intention is to defer them to first boot, then please place them into pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN} (). Deferring to first boot via 'exit 1' is no longer supported. Details of the failure are in ... (which does not provide any more detail). Has anyone been able to get both Docker and Mali support (with a window manager) in either 2018.3 or 2019.1 petalinux minimal builds? Are there any updated instructions that are required to get Docker support ot work on 2019.1?  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have high hopes to be able to use a Docker environment on a new instrument line that has similar hardware to the ZCU102 to launch a dedicated Qt GUI application. (Not to mention I have been through countless builds trying to rectify this already).

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