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Registered: ‎05-07-2012

Yocto Project BSP updated for latest Xilnx git

I updated https://github.com/balister/meta-zynq to use the latest master revs in the Xilinx git server. (And fixed the repo name change).


If you want to modify things in this layer, create a new layer and use bbappends to modify the kernel. I'll be glad to atke patches to this layer that improve the kernel on the zc702 and zedboard.


Things I would like to add:


 * Build fsbl and run the bootgen to make the BOOT.BIN file.

 * Support for zedboard

 * Support building ramdisk images.


I've also posted some files built from this in my Dropbox:







These where built via the process described. Hopefully, Xilinx is OK with me publishing a BOOT.BIN with a fsbl built from the SDK. My GPL compliance strategy is to remove the downloads if anyone asks for the exact sources instead of building their own :)

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Registered: ‎02-17-2013

Re: Yocto Project BSP updated for latest Xilnx git


When I build a OS based in the distribution open embedded yocto I generate many files in the directory /home/eukrea/Bureau/oe-core/build/tmp-eglibc/deploy/images/ when I want create zynq image with the files generated how I choose the value of the offset in ths Xilinx Tools-> Programm flash ? I want programme the zedboard with spi flash ? 

What files I need choose in the directory images. I take screenshots you can see the pictures in the file attached. 

Best Regards. 

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