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Observer prateek33
Registered: ‎05-21-2018

ZC702 Base TRD Explanation

I'm very new to embedded development and have been working on video processing algorithms in my institutes ZC702. I recently came across the Reference design Base TRD and would appreciate it if somebody could just clear a few things I have been having trouble with.


1. I went through the device tree and I do not understand where are the interrupt service routines for the interrupt controllers. How am I supposed to do somthing specific when an interrupt is encountered.


2. How is the petalinux code written? How can I understand what is happening by going through the code as I seem to understand nothing from the code.


3. Can somebody guide me through how I can write my own code for a simple video passthrough using a single VDMA.

What I want here is a simple Input source -> VDMA -> Output source. Where I manually pass frames through the VDMA one by one on interrupts.

Assuming I already have a bitstream of the above hardware. How do I write the device tree and then the application code to do this?

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