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Registered: ‎05-10-2018

ZC706 board hangs during execution of normal linux commands such as find, tar, cp, scp, du -h

Hi All,

I am working on ZC706 based.

When I try to run simple find, tar, cp, scp, du -h commands, board hangs. I have to restart it.

I checked the /proc/meminfo while executing all these commands . When Memfree is between 537160 kB to 542460 kB range it hangs. Total memory available on the board is 773716 kB

If I run same commands and if Memfree is more than  560000 kB, board does not  hang. It will execute the command properly.

am I missing any settings? Is there any other instead on Memory to find it's root cause?


Please help me resolve this issue.


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