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Registered: ‎03-30-2017

ZCU102 and UVC testing

I built petalinux to include a vivid (Virtual Video Driver) and g_webcam (UVC - USB Video Class) modules. To test it I decided to follow these instructions. It turns out the links with recommended patches don't fully patch the test software. Eventually I found where all the patches are located and combined them into a git repo. The tool seems to be almost working with 2 exceptions. 


1. It looks like luvcview is no longer distributed with Ubuntu 16.04 (which is what I use for my host). However the problem is easily solved by using guvcview instead.


2. The real problem I'm facing is with guvcview. Once it connects to the board, I'm getting the following message:

V4L2_CORE: (jpeg decoder) error while decoding frame. All I get is a black screen on guvcview.


So here are my questions.

1. Am I supposed to be getting a black screen with this test software?

2. Clearly something is wrong with the software, since an error is generated. The question is what software causes the problem, is it UVC or the test software?

3. Would anyone be able to provide a fix to the software or maybe what they have done in order to verify UVC?

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Registered: ‎06-24-2013

Re: ZCU102 and UVC testing

Hey @rail.shafigulin,


From the guvcview sources, I see that the error you are getting originates from a failing:

	int ret = libav_decode(codec_data->context, codec_data->picture, &got_frame, &avpkt);


Maybe this helps,


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