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Registered: ‎05-16-2016

Zynq 7000 USB Custom Board

hello all, 

I am using petalinux 2019.1 and I am facing some problems getting usb working under linux. I use USB0 on Zynq, ulpi transceiver is USB3320 from Microchip and there is a USB Hub (2514 from Microchip) connected to it. 

When uboot start, if I issue "usb start", usb bus will be correctly enumerated and I can see correct devices using usb info. 

When the linux kernel start, however, it loads usb driver correctly but it is unable to enumerate any devices on the bus. If I plug a pendrive onto an usb connector, no messages will arise in the system log, nor on the console. 

I try to modify device-tree files, but there are some problems; for example, using this solution ( throw a "duplicate usb entry" if I modify system-user.dtsi, and I cannot modify system.dtb; it has no effect.

What can be the problem why linux does not enumerate anything ?

thank you very much for any help.


Marco Bisio


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Registered: ‎02-07-2018

HI @mrcbis_xilinx 

Can you please try to change  the MACHINE_NAME as zc702 in DTG settings & build once & try.


Solution 1:


DTG Settings  --->(zc702) MACHINE_NAME 


Solution 2:

In case if  solution 1 not works, please try to add below device tree  changes & verify it.


        usb_phy0: usb_phy@0 {

        compatible = "ulpi-phy";

        #phy-cells = <0>;

        reg = <0xe0002000 0x1000>;

        view-port = <0x0170>;




&usb0 {

       status = "okay";

       dr_mode = "host";

       usb-phy = <&usb_phy0>;

        pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_usb0_default>;



Thanks & Regards


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