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Zynq Petalinux hangs on GPIO access

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Re: Zynq Petalinux hangs on GPIO access

Have you gone thru this page in detail?

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Re: Zynq Petalinux hangs on GPIO access

Hello linnj 

I want to tell you some detail about my project. I want to send /receive data from Spi and GPIO, 

I was using windows 7 and centos i clone the kernal and u-bootand activate the spi

make menuconfig ->device driver ->SPI support -> then enabled xilinx SPI controller common module and user mode spi

I read in tuturail "There is no device tree generator yet for Zynq yet such that hand editing the device tree is the current method."  so i just add these line in the zynq-zed.dts and convert it into dtb

&spi0 {

status = "okay";

and in zynq-7000.dtsi 

spidev@0x01 {
compatible = "spidev0.2";
spi-max-frequency = <20000000>;
reg = <1>;

but after running the board


the enviroment is like this I can see spidev after that i tried to transfer data by gpio (simplest case) but i cannot create any gpio node after the following command

root# echo 61>/sys/class/gpio/export

but no gpio connected .

someone in the forum told me that i should move to linux and use petalinux

Now I am using ubuntu 14.04 ,vivado 2015.2 and petalinux.BSP 2015.2 version and working for Xilinx Zedboard 7z020

I created my project and generate the .hdf and .bit file after that export it to SDK


then I create a project using defined BSP

$petalinux-create -t project -s /Downloads/Avnet-2015.2.BSP


get the hardware

$ petalinux-config --get-hw-description=~/my_program/my_program.sdk


run petalinux configuration



subsystem Auto hardware setting->Advance bootable image storage setting and select sd-card for boot image ,kernel image and dtb image setting


in the system-top.dts I add the lines

build the images



generate BOOT.BIN:

$petalinux-package --boot --format BIN --fsbl ~/Avnet-Digilent-ZedBoard-2015.2/images/linux/zynq_fsbl.elf --fpga ~my_program/my_program.sdk/system_wrapper_hw_platform_0/system_wrapper.bit --u-boot


generate rootfs.cpio with the following command because I want to boot the board with sd-card

$petalinux-package --image -c rootfs --format initramfs


IN the sd card copy BOOT.BIN , image.ub and system.dtb into BOOT partition and rootfs.cpio into rootfs partition then run the following command

$sudo pax -rvf rootfs.cpio


In the last boot the board with this sd card

and the result is, I cannot find any /dev/spidev

then i tried to check the gpio then same problem

Now you are saying to follow the


I think problem is in devicetree

should i follow this or 


I have to make changes in after editing the system-top.dts (petalinux) or zynq-zed.dts(cent os)

which one is better?

hope you understand my problem



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Re: Zynq Petalinux hangs on GPIO access

umer.sabeen wrote:


I am also using zedboard  7z020

my pl.dtsi is same like yours.

I found /sys/class/gpio/gpiochip906/ under gpiochip906

cat base

cat label 

cat ngpio

but when i am trying to generate

root@Avnet-Digilent-ZedBoard-2015_2:/sys/class/gpio# echo 65>export 

root@Avnet-Digilent-ZedBoard-2015_2:/sys/class/gpio# ls
export       gpiochip906  unexport

can you help me where i am doing mistake



With base = 906 and ngpio = 118 the valid GPIO numbers are in the range from 906 to 1023 for this GPIO device. Unless some other device is in that range, 65 is not a avlid GPIO number.

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Re: Zynq Petalinux hangs on GPIO access

thanks for your reply

it solved my problem at some extent

please have a look at the following code

root@zynq:/sys/class/gpio# echo 1018 > export 
root@zynq:/sys/class/gpio# cd gpio1018
root@zynq:/sys/class/gpio/gpio1018# echo out > direction 
root@zynq:/sys/class/gpio/gpio1018# echo 1 > value       
root@zynq:/sys/class/gpio/gpio1018# cat value 
root@zynq:/sys/class/gpio/gpio1018# cat direction 

why after echo 1 > value the value of the file is not changing at all

thanks in advance